A downloadable game for Windows

Fix the distorted memories of a man recounting the story of how he fell in love.

Solve puzzles to help recreate his memories.

Using his Journal as a reference to navigate the surreal and complex world of memories past.


It Rained That Day.zip 194 MB

Install instructions

Extract the Zip file and run the .exe


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Check out this awesome playthrough by Girbeagly:

I really felt like a creep by the end, good job!

Interesting concept. We liked it very much.

Thanks for Playing! Glad you liked it

I really liked the concept and interesting story. The idea of taking photos and using them to continue on the story was a really nice touch. Great game!

Thank you so much, really enjoyed watching your play through of our game. This is technically more of a demo version but watching your video definitely showed us where we can improve moving forward. (we should probably start by adding some settings lol) 

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good story xxx

Thank you for the video and comment.

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i like game